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Critical strategic discussion, diverse regional experience sharing, and meaningful networking opportunities.

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We’re back with a spinoff masterclass just for you!

If your programmes are not achieving its intended objectives, this masterclass is FOR YOU.

Are you facing these challengers:

  • How to develop frameworks for evaluation and impact measurement
  • Stakeholder engagement in programme evaluation and impact measurement
  • What are the impact measurement and its metrics

With limited seats available, the highly anticipated masterclass on Social Programme Evaluation & Impact Measurement for Meaningful Change – is happening on 23-24 November in Singapore.

This two-day masterclass provides a robust overview of programme evaluation and impact measurement within organisational systems and practices to:

  • Improve quality through evidence-based decision making
  • Adjust activities to respond to rapidly changing contexts
  • Consider the appropriate level of monitoring, evaluation, and impact measurement systems for your organisation
  • Enhance engagement, relevance and accountability to stakeholders
  • Demonstrate value and long-term effects of initiatives 

Find out more about the agenda and trainer here.



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Thank you for joining us. See you next year!

Lighthouse Independent Media’s one-of-a-kind conference kicked off on 5 July, and we were privileged to be able to learn and network with community engagement professionals in the region. It was a day of insightful learnings and takeaways that are crucial to every practitioner to emulate in their own organisation to drive engagement with the respective communities.

One of the key takeaways by our opening address speaker, Mr. Patrick Tay, Member of Parliament and Assistant Secretary-General of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), highlighted the 6Cs of effective stakeholder communication: Collaboration, Communication, Cultivate, Care, Connect, and Create. These principles apply to various sectors and address stakeholders such as managers, employees, and potential candidates. Tay stressed the importance of engagement, feedback, and timely information delivery. He advised tailoring communication to different audience segments and fostering trust through empathy and honesty, particularly in challenging situations. His sentiments were echoed by our other speakers from Singtel/Optus, GovTech Singapore, Singapore Pools, MCCY, SG Enable, Children’s Aid Society, UBS, Sustainable Living Lab and more.

We are heartened by the positive response and support we’ve received at this conference, and we look forward to the 2024 edition. See you real soon!

What our 2023 conference attendees had to say


Targeted at community engagement practitioners in the region, Community Engagement Asia 2023 will be deep diving on addressing challenges such as designing an engagement plan that fits target group, overcoming engagement fatigue, streamlining volunteer management, engaging disengaged communities, encouraging ground-up initiatives from target communities and many more. ​

Join us on 5 July 2023 in Singapore to learn from industry experts in the region who have been weathering the storms in this space and their best practices on engaging your community groups more effectively. Don’t miss the chance to build your network with your industry peers as your next partner may be in the room with you!

Why Community Engagement Asia 2023

“One-of-a-kind” conference on all things community engagement

The agents for social transformation includes the 3P – people, public and private. At Community Engagement Asia 2023, you get to interact directly and learn from these groups of people to keep up with the latest trends and not be left behind.

Exclusive insights on successful case studies from the region

Learn the best practices on what makes a successful community engagement programme from our panel of regional experts, and immediately apply it back to your organisation to replicate the success!

Expand your industry network and find your next collaboration in the room

Community engagement is a team effort, and it involves many community partners with shared goals and objectives to make it an effective one. Leverage this opportunity to build your network and find your partner for your next project.

Interactive learning experience to stimulate critical thinking and discussion

This is not your usual conference. We want you involved in the discussion as much as you learning from our world-class speakers. Get ready to participate in facilitated roundtable discussions, case studies-driven keynotes, networking sessions and many more!


  • Hear how to identify different community concerns and define a strategy that works.
  • Discover how to create innovative programmes with long-term impact that addresses community needs. ​
  • Uncover how to identify disengaged and hard-to-reach communities, and reengage them. ​
  • Learn how to tap on the digital era to create a hybrid engagement strategy to fit the current zeitgeist. ​
  • Hear the dos and don’ts when driving ground-up initiatives to get authentic community involvement and participation for the long-term. ​
  • Examine the best practices to get different community partners to “speak the same language”. ​
  • Discover how to recruit, retain and sustain the interest of Gen Z volunteers. ​
  • Takeaway practical tools and frameworks to assess engagement impact with success metrics that fit your organisation’s goals.


If you would like to enquire about speaking opportunities, or suggest topics for 2023, please contact Jovin Tan, Regional Conference Producer at jovint@lighthousemedia.com.sg or +65 6423 0329.

Serlina Huang

Serlina Huang

Head, Community Partnerships

Children’s Aid Society
Esther An

Esther An

Chief Sustainability Officer

City Developments Limited (CDL)
Pratibha Kurnool

Pratibha Kurnool

APAC Lead & Head of Community Impact & Strategic Tech Partnerships (ESG – Outreach)


Laetitia Lienart

Laetitia Lienart

Head, Corporate Citizenship & Foundations APAC

Credit Suisse

Tamara Weaver

Tamara Weaver

Director, Community Engagement

Disability Royal Commission (AU)
Bryan Choong

Bryan Choong

Principal Consultant, Impact & Strategy


Yap Keng Hwee

Yap Keng Hwee

Deputy CEO


Karen Kee

Karen Kee

Deputy Director, International and Community Development

Government Technology Agency, Singapore
Ivy Tse

Ivy Tse

Chief Executive Officer

Halogen Foundation Singapore

Soren Beaulieu

Soren Beaulieu

Regional Content & Strategy Director

Lighthouse Independent Media
Dawn Yip

Dawn Yip

Coordinating Director, SG Partnerships Office

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Patrick Tay

Patrick Tay

Member of Parliament, Pioneer SMC

Assistant Secretary General, NTUC

Jessie Lim

Jessie Lim

Regional Director (Europe), Network and Partnership Development

Singapore Global Network
Chin Sau Ho

Chin Sau Ho

Senior Director, Community Partnerships & Communications

Singapore Pools
Chia Ai Ling

Chia Ai Ling

Director, Communications & Community Engagement

SG Enable

Malminderjit Singh

Malminderjit Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Speyside Group
Tan Wei Zhi

Tan Wei Zhi

Regional Head of Impact & Engagement Asia

Standard Chartered Bank

Veera Swaminathan

Veera Swaminathan

Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable Living Lab

Andrew Buay

Andrew Buay

Vice President, Group Corporate Sustainability

Singtel & Optus
Dickson Lim

Dickson Lim

Head of Philanthropy & Community Impact, Singapore



If you fall within any of the following category, then Community Engagement Asia 2023 is for you!

Public sector

Mid-senior level community engagement practitioners responsible for the development of outreach programmes, community, building community relations, fostering long-term 3P (people-private-public) collaboration, and involved in on-the-ground engagement of different community groups.

Private sector

Mid-senior level professionals responsible for corporate citizenship, community outreach, building 3P Network, corporate social responsibility, and fostering long-term community relations.


Looking at expanding your brand reach within the community engagement industry? You’ve landed at the right page.

If you are looking for the perfect platform to leave an unforgettable impression with industry leaders, or excited to showcase your latest brand offering to these practitioners, being part of Community Engagement Asia 2023 is the way to go.

Let us help you get closer to your overall business objectives by simply getting in touch with Naomi Cranswick, General Manager, Business Development, at naomic@lighthousemedia.com.sg.

If your brand provides services or solutions in the following areas, Community Engagement 2023 is the perfect stage for you:

  • Community management tools
  • Digital engagement tools
  • Asset mapping tools
  • Measurement tools
  • And many more!

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