Social Programme Evaluation & Impact Measurement for Meaningful Change 

Date: 12-13 September 2024
Time: 9am – 5pm, Singapore, In-Person


Is your programme achieving their intended objectives? How effective are your strategies? Is your organisation actively learning and refining its approach through feedback and reflection on results?

Programme evaluation and impact measurement hold immense value in determining effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. Done well, these processes furnish tangible evidence to inform decision-making, guide resource allocation, and bolster accountability. It enables organisations to better align strategies, adapt to changes, mitigate risks, secure funding and support, and champion scalability.

It is essential for implementers, funders and managers to possess the skills and knowledge to integrate and conduct programme evaluation and impact measurement that can be used to create meaningful and lasting change

This two-day masterclass provides a robust overview of programme evaluation and impact measurement within organisational systems and practices to:

  • Improve quality through evidence-based decision making.
  • Adjust activities to respond to rapidly changing contexts.
  • Determine strategies to create effective and lasting change.
  • Consider the appropriate level of monitoring, evaluation, and impact measurement systems for your organisation.
  • Enhance engagement, relevance and accountability to stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate value and long-term effects of initiatives.
  • Garner allies, collaborators and funding (partners, donors, sponsors, and communities).


  • Appreciation for the importance of programme evaluation and impact measurement.
  • Understanding the role of evaluation and impact measurement in programme management cycle and organisational learning.
  • Confidence in your theory of change through linking causal pathways between activities and impact.
  • Common mistakes and challenges in evaluation and impact measurement and how to address them.
  • Exposure to various frameworks and tools for evaluation and impact measurement.


Professionals from the public, private or non-profit sectors who are involved in designing, implementing, managing, or funding programme aimed at creating positive social impact.
This may include:

Programme and project developers, implementers and managers

Entry level monitoring, evaluation and reporting staff

Grant funders

Corporate social responsibility, sustainability & citizenship

Social entrepreneurs

Philanthropy & impact investors

Community organisers, outreach, engagement

Senior managers & board members

This is a 2 full day interactive workshop that combines core theory with practical activities for participants to reflect and apply to their programs and organisations.

  • Role & rationale for programme evaluation and impact measurement in your organisation
  • Evaluation and impact measurement in the programme management cycle
  • What kind of “results”: outputs, outcomes, impact
  • Frameworks for evaluation and impact measurement
  • Causal links: connecting activities to impact
  • Stakeholder engagement in programme evaluation & impact measurement
  • Meaningful metrics & indicators
  • Data collection: quantitative & qualitative
  • Common pitfalls & challenges in evaluation & impact measurement

About the trainer

Cassandra Mok

Leadership and Organisational Transformation Consultant

Cassandra Mok works with organisations creating social change by helping them harness the power of their people and systems effectively. Her focus is on how the strategy, operations and culture within organisations can result in sustained transformation, particularly in fluid and ambiguous contexts.

With over 18 years of experience, Cassandra has worked with various corporate, government and non-profit organisations including: Atlassian foundation, people’s republic of China – global environment facility partnership, national university of Singapore centre for nature-based climate solutions, UNICEF, and WaterAid. She has served in senior management roles in the international development sector as well as an external evaluator on public sector institutional capacity and social accountability programs.



Day 1

Introductions and Icebreakers

Overview of evaluation & impact measurement (E&IM) for programme & organisations
  • Purpose
  • Benefits & role
  • Distinction between evaluation & impact measurement
Evaluation & impact measurement (E&IM) as part of the programme management cycle
  • Understanding the programme cycle: design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  • How evaluation fits into each stage of the cycle
What kind of "results":
  • Theory – outputs, outcomes, impact
  • Examples of how activities link to impact

Exercise: Linking your activities to impact

Self-reflection: am i/my organisation outcome & impact focused?

Frameworks for evaluation & impact measurement
  • Summary of key frameworks
  • Pros & cons of each
  • Examples

Exercise: Theory of Change

Stakeholder engagement (Why, Who, What and How)
  • Why: is it important
  • Who: identifying stakeholders
  • What for & when: in the process
  • How: to meaningfully engage
Myths, pitfalls & challenges
  • Reflection: what are the biggest challenges that your programme faces in conducting quality evaluation & impact measurement?
  • Open consultation: ask for advice on specific challenges you are having
Day 2
Meaningful metrics & indicators
  • Definitions & purpose


  • Characteristics
  • Types of indicators
  • Monitoring vs evaluation vs impact indicator
  • Selection


  • Smart metrics
  • Types: qualitative vs quantitative

Using metrics & indicators for effectiveness assessment & decision making

Game: fix it!!

Practice identifying and correcting issues in indicator and metric development & selection

Case studies: Education enrolment programme
(Example of when short term outcomes are detrimental to long term impact)
Exercise: indicators & metrics for your programme
(Differentiation between output, outcome, impact level)
How do you assess effectiveness?
  • Approaches
  • Methodologies
  • Tools & techniques

Setting up your effectiveness assessments for success

*Step by step process

Open consultation and questions


Social Programme Evaluation & Impact Measurement for Meaningful Change


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